The Technology That Will Change The World

Why Choose Our Company

The technological world is developing as we speak, some new gadget appears every day. People have become so dependent on tech and in some way technology contributed greatly to our society. 15 years ago, when we founded our company, we saw a chance and prosperity in this business. People are anxious to buy new gadgets and devices, and we are pleased to offer them our services. With us, you will find various types of tech devices, depending on your need and we are ready to offer you great deals and prices.

The services our company offers

With us, you will experience great things when it comes to purchases of new devices. Here you will be able to find a large variety of gadgets, great service, and excellent maintenance.

Selling department

We offer you a wide selection of devices in different price range, from gadgets for smart homes to mobile devices and PCs. Apart from this, our offer also includes additional components and gear for every device that is located on our website.  Here you will find great prices and accommodation paying conditions.


If you bought some device in our company, within the warranty period you have the ability to use our free service. On the other hand, if your warranty has expired you had some malfunction with your device, be free to contact us and we will give you our quote. Rest assure, are prices are very affordable.


Considering that technology is changing by the day, we get a lot of requests from our clients about system updates, installation of programs and computers upgrades. Whether you are thinking of changing your operating system or installing new demanding programs, or you want to upgrade your computer, you’ve come to the right place. We will be here to assist you.

Our Team

Joshua Fishman - IT engineers

Joshua Fishman - IT engineers

They are engaged in several projects, from assisting our customers in purchase to repairing their devices. If you have any sorts of troubles or doubts regarding your devices, be free to contact them. They are often available in our selling department giving recommendations and instructions. Our biggest goal is to please our customers and to repay them in some why the trust they have put in us. – In reference to Hyde and Hyde architects

Beth Paige - Customer support

Beth Paige - Customer support

This is a vital part of our consultancy firm and one of the most important ways to get in touch with our virtual clients. Our customer support team will give you answers within minutes, and you can always contact them through our live chat. You will get the right information that will help you with your decision. Beth works for an investment company based in the UK.

Michael Scott - Sale team

Michael Scott - Sale team

It is important to have a reliable and trustworthy sale team. When customers enter your company, they get in touch with them first. That’s why our personnel was carefully selected to accommodate your every need. We encourage positive working environment, and if our employees are satisfied, our clients will also be. Michael is also a member of the team that has worked on the Hyde and Hyde Aritects projects featured in Wales Online.


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Clients’ reviews

One of the best companies I have ever worked with, polite, pleasant and very professional. I went there to buy a smartphone, and I had my doubts between several phones. They explained me in details specification of every phone, and I ended up buying the one they recommended.  Three months later, I’m thrilled with my new device. My honest recommendations.

My friend recommended me this company, and I went there to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised how personnel was pleasant. I needed a new PC, they displayed me several brands, explained my performance and gave me their recommendations. I bought my PC with them, and it’s working like a clock.

I accidentally stumbled upon their website while I was searching to buy a new tablet for my kid. I went there to visit them since they were located close to my neighborhood. What I like about their service is that I got a chance to try every tablet before the purchase. I wasn’t a tech wiz, so they explained me a lot of things and gave me great recommendations. – Thomas @ Supercar Hire Ltd