Technology Update – What Can We Expect Of 2017

Technology Update – What Can We Expect Of 2017

Looking back in the past we could have never imagined technology will improve this much. Every year something new on the horizon appears, and people have become technologically anxious. We can’t wait to get our hands on new gadgets and try them out. Personally, we are amazed at how far we have reached. But, can we go further?

Smart home technology

It has become unbelievable that someday we could control all our equipment from one device that could fit our back pocket. But that day has come.  In 2017 we can expect a huge improvement on this field. There is one question that has been troubling our readers, why don’t we all live in the smart home if this technology is so improved. The reason is that we now have a large number of applications, but unfortunately, none of them combines all the devices together. But, with the involvement of major IT giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple, in 2017 we can expect for things to change.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

We had a first glimpse of the game Pokémon Go and what augmented reality can do. People became obsessed with this game and more than 100 million of downloads followed. The new devices and tech still on an early phase of development managed to bring us a great experience. But, in 2017 we can expect for these things to take off.


Google has already implemented this feature, and we now have predictions on every step. It won’t take long for other applications and software to recognize this type of service. In the future, we will be able to rely more on machine learning. And they will be able to present us the best recommendation based on the previous history.

People will invest in software

Big companies will start spending money on high-end software because they will recognize the value and availability of as – a – service via cloud providers. On the other hand, hardware selling will decrease, mostly because the market is flooded with cheap devices arriving from small companies. high-end softwareThe will rather choose different servers as storage space than investing in a new device.

Virtual world will become the dominant one

Many people experienced virtual reality last year, but 2017 is about to bring the big breakthrough. A few years back virtual reality started its course of development. But, so far it has been limited to big corporations which were producing expensive gear and software which average people couldn’t afford. Fortunately, many companies started producing new affordable devices which can support this technology. In 2017 we can expect to have more virtual gadget’s users, who will be ready to embrace this technology fully.


The New Cool Gadgets We Can Expect In 2017

The New Cool Gadgets We Can Expect In 2017

It is difficult to sum everything up and what will this year bring us. With innovations and new gadgets that appear every month it is hard to define what gadgets will mark 2017. But, based on the things we saw at CES, this year sound promising. I mean look the quadcopter drone with camera‘s that are now on the market!


Have you ever asked how polluted is the area you are located in? Well you now have the chance to check it out? This wearable device measures the pollution around you. It tracks particular matters such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide VOCs humidity and temperature. This gadget is convenient for people who are leaving in the cities with high air pollution.

Milo Sensors

Milo SensorsIt surely must have happened to have few drinks more than you expected to. While breath analyzer might be some party trick you had with your friends, you now can have a real-life experience with Milo Sensors. It is a wearable gadget that can detect the various chemicals in your body, over the skin. You just have to put it on your wrist.

Kuri robot

This robot is an adorable little gadget specially designed for home, and it has various purposes. We never thought that fully functional robots would see the light of the day, but such thing happened. Owned by Bosh, Kuri responds to different commands, such as human voice, but also to robot voice. People can use lights and blinking motions as well. Whether you use it as an assistant or companion, you will have a great experience with it.

Motive’s fitness tracking ring

The whole world of fitness has been transformed into one ring with all necessary data. Made out of titanium, this device tracks your sleep, calories, steps, and distance. You can also track your heart rate. The ring is chargeable, and the battery lasts up to five days. This gadget comes as very handy solution to people who take care of their health, but also for people who suffer from some chronical disease.

AR/VR glasses

Last year we had a glimpse on AR/VR with the game Pokémon Go. The company Osterhout Design Group has produced the glasses for such purpose. They are aimed at light businesses and for people who use high-end apps.  AR and VR are the future of the technology and this one of the reasons why this company has produced these glasses.

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